Tactile Membrane Keyboards

You can now change your Tactile Membrane Keyboard’s color, keycaps, and even add optional backlighting. You’ll love our customization options and ultra-responsive keys. The tactile membrane is durable, non-slip, and has a smooth “clicky” feel.

Tactile Membrane Keyboards Manufacturer

Tactile Membrane Keyboards

Tactile Membrane Keypad have snap domes which give tactile feedback when the user presses the key. The Keyboard designs can be made as per customers’ requirements – size, shape, number of switches, as well as using any type of colour shades for the keys as well as the backgrounds. The switch / LED areas can be embossed to give a professional look to the panel. These sealed keyboard panels can also accommodate LEDs of various colours and shapes. Tactile metal domes for a more “snappy” type of feel when pressing the switch.

Longer Lifespan

Lifespan up to 1 million actuations.

Variable Size

Available in Different types of shapes & sizes.

Custom Assembly

Fully custom complete membrane switch assemblies Crimped Connectors with housing

Low Profile
Actuation Force

Variety of Actuation force (150gm – 750gm).

Tactile feedback

Exceptional & Crisp Tactile Feedback.

Backing panels or bezels.
Environmentally Sealed

Applied Applications

Medical Industry
Fuel Dispensing Pumps
Industrial Automation
Defence technology
Aerospace Industry
Hospitality Industry
Railway Industry
Military Equipments
Dental Machinery
Test & Measurement
Home Therapy & Patient Monitoring

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