Technical Data

Data has become the focal point of every decision in every sector. With continuously shifting market dynamics and evolving customer expectations, financial institutions across the globe are turning to data to help them manage risks. We’re partnering with enterprises leveraging advanced analytics solutions for insights to lead to decisive decisions.

Design of a membrane keypad

Design of a membrane keypad

As a rule, the outward-facing side of the transparent membrane is matt or gloss. Printing of the graphic overlays for membrane keypads/switches is done on the second surface. This protects the printing against environmental influences such as dirt, moisture and scratches. Graphic Overlays & Membrane keypads/switch are glued together using high-quality adhesive. If required, they can then be pressed together. Pressing of the membrane keypad is not standard, and is only carried out for special requirements, e.g. for increased tightness or impermeability to alcohol.


Jemtek offers a complete service processing & assembly services. The customer benefits from faster delivery times, ordering expenses and a reduced risk of rejects. In this way, the matching of the keyboard adhesive layer to the various enclosure surfaces and accuracy of fit can be guaranteed.

Window Blue Masking

Window Protection Blue Masking

On request, a protective blue masking can be printed only over the window of the graphic overlay. The blue masking can be removed, without adhesive residues, after the keypad has been fitted.


In addition, LEDs, resistors or diodes can be integrated in the keypad (dependent on the height). For this purpose, the graphic overlay must be provided with cap embossing if necessary in the area of the LEDs.

LED integrated Keypads


The position of the exit point and the related length of the connection membrane should be specified during the design phase. The connection contacts are led out via the tail. The connecting lug is punched out of the keypad in the area of the exit so that the membrane cannot tear when bent. The standard grid is 1.0 mm. Avoid frequent bending. The ideal bending radius for the cable is > 4 mm.

Metal snap domes

Metal domes are manufactured from stainless steel. The contact side is gold-plated. The switching pressure for our standard snap domes is approx. 280gm – 350gm.

Metal snap Domes


For Graphic overlay printing we use special colours. Printing is done on the second surface so the layers of paint are protected against harsh weather environment. Colours can also be printed according to the Pantone scale.

*Please note that the colours cannot be matched 100% to the expectations and the cost of matching the colours and additives for special colours are invoiced at cost.
Custom Colored Membrane Keypads
EMI for Technical Data

ESD/EMI/RFI Shielding

ESD/EMI/RFI Shielding can be integrated into the keypad to deal with static discharges and to prevent interference frequencies. This shielding is also integrated in the membrane. Display window with shielding is available on request.

Embossing options

The main reason for embossing the membranes is to improve operation. Areas of the keys can be felt, and the membrane effect of the embossing improves the tactile response from the operating elements. Of course, embossing can also feature as a design element which highlights design membrane areas.

Dome embossing

Dome embossing

Dome or pillow embossing is possible in diameters ranging from 8 to 17 mm.

Raised Embossing

Raised embossing

Raised embossing can be achieved in various forms.

Rim Embossing

Rim embossing

Rim embossing acts as a guide for the fingers. The surface level of the overlay and key surface remain the same.

Cap Embossing

Cap embossing

Cap embossing is a cap-shaped projection. This form of embossing is used for LEDs, which helps to level out of component height and intensifies the illumination effect.

Dead Front Sticker Manufacturer

Dead Front

Dead Front means an icon is typically hidden unless viewed under specific circumstances.  The main idea is to only illuminate the graphics or symbols you want the user to see at any one time.
For example a car’s dashboard. The icons on the dashboard always don’t appear such as ‘ABS’, ‘Low Fuel’ or ‘Door Ajar’. However, if any problem arises, the icon lights up warning the user. This is called “Dead Front”. Jemtek provides customers with exceptional dead front products.