Polycarbonate Stickers

For Customization of indications of the keys for the same keypad
Polycarbonate Stickers

Polycarbonate Stickers

Jemtek provides custom, high-quality polycarbonate labels, stickers and tags.
Polycarbonate is a very versatile durable plastic, which provides great strength at a light weight.
Polycarbonate is the substrate of choice used for a majority of graphic overlay
applications because of its cost versus benefits derived, as compared to other substrates available. Jemtek also manufactures custom Lenses and Windows in variety of thicknesses and shape.

Selective adhesives
Easily Embossed/ Debossed
Great optical clarity or clearness
Transparent windows and cut outs
Custom thicknesses, sizes and shapes
Heat resistant

Applied Applications

Medical Industry
Fuel Dispensing Pumps
Industrial Automation
Defence technology
Aerospace Industry
Hospitality Industry
Railway Industry
Military Equipments
Dental Machinery
Test & Measurement
Home Therapy & Patient Monitoring

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