Graphic Overlay

  • Polyester overlay
  • Polycarbonate Overlay
Polyester overlays

Polyester overlay

This material is thinner and more resilient. It shows no sign of wear after 1,000,000 actuations. It also has superior resistance to chemicals and harsh environments. Polyester is more expensive than polycarbonate. (This material is perfect for industrial and military graphic overlays.) Extremely tough and durable.
Regardless of whether different surface structures are required, we manufacture individually according to your specifications. Due to the high demands and the individual requirements for the product, the production of polyester overlay is much more complex compared to other printed products. It requires experience, the appropriate technical equipment and special materials.

Polycarbonate Overlay

Polycarbonate Overlays – Also known as PETG or Lexan, polycarbonate overlays are easy to die cut, print, and texture. If the environment is subject to chemicals, a hard coat should be used for protection. Polycarbonate overlays are optically clear at any thickness and provide a crisper emboss. Polycarbonate is lower in cost than polyester. Most users prefer the look of polycarbonate overlays versus polyester.

Hard Coating

Hard Coating can done on display windows to give a more scratch resistant surface finish.

Soft Touch

Soft Touch is Silky, soft tactile finished polyester which provides a consistent cosmetic tactile finish across the whole surface.

Gloss Finish

Gloss Finish is available to give the product a modern and sleek look.

Antimicrobial Protection (AM)

Antimicrobial Protection is specifically developed and focused on medical industries. If bacteria come into contact with overlay, its anti-microbial function splits the cell walls of the bacteria, so preventing their growth and reproduction. This material is used in areas where there is a danger of infection, such as hospitals, laboratories, supermarkets, canteens, buildings which are open to the public, and public transport.

Fine Textured

Fine Textured material is a high quality textured polyester film, developed for applications requiring a combination of flexibility with high abrasion and solvent resistance for membrane switches.

Velvet Textured

Velvet Textured feels like velvet to touch which is extremely durable and resistant to scratching, scuffing, chemicals and solvents.

Antiglare Finish

Antiglare Finish is used where the user wants a clear window but also does not want any harsh lighting condition to affect the visibility of the display. Low gloss textures that are absolutely consistent across the film.

Steel Finish

Steel Finish which gives these membrane keypad input devices an appearance similar to that of brushed stainless steel. However, unlike stainless steel, steel finish overlay does not show fingerprints. The overlay also offers excellent resistance to wear, knocks and many chemicals and solvents.

Applied Applications

Medical Industry
Fuel Dispensing Pumps
Industrial Automation
Defence technology
Aerospace Industry
Hospitality Industry
Railway Industry
Military Equipments
Dental Machinery
Test & Measurement
Home Therapy & Patient Monitoring

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