Integrated LED Keyboards

Inbuilt LED Keypad – Improve operating safety by using an illuminated membrane keypad

Integrated LED Keyboards Manufacturer in India

Integrated LED Keyboards

Jemtek offer built in LEDs for Membrane Keypads. This saves the space on the panel and there is not protrusion on the back of the panel. The LEDs which are used are extremely small and fit any membrane keyboard. We offer LEDs from in 0603 package. Bi-colour LEDs are also available on request.

Easier for operators to read
With and without embossing
Safe operation in darkness
Compact Design

Applied Applications

Medical Industry
Fuel Dispensing Pumps
Industrial Automation
Defence technology
Aerospace Industry
Hospitality Industry
Railway Industry
Military Equipments
Dental Machinery
Test & Measurement
Home Therapy & Patient Monitoring

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