Flexible Circuitry

Light Weight & Sleek

Printed Electronics Manufacturer

Flexible Circuitry

Printed electronics are electrical components and devices produced by a number of printing processes.
Jemtek manufactures custom printed electronics by screen printing onto flexible substrates. Flexible screen printed circuitry provides a robust and cost effective solution for various medical and industrial applications. Printed electronics are abrasion resistant, vibration resistant, durable & low-profile. Supports attachment of fine-pitch (0.50mm) microprocessor-based components (ICs) on PET.
Printed electrodes are the flexible, cost effective, bio-monitoring solution of the future

Exclusive soldering technique
Fine Printing
Lightweight, Thin, Flexible
Mounting of fine-pitch (0.50mm) microprocessor-based components (ICs) on PET.
Tracks as narrow as 0.5mm (19.5 mils) and spacing as small as 0.5mm (19.5 mils)

Applied Applications

Medical Industry
Defence technology
Hospitality Industry
Industrial Automation

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