Non-Tactile Membrane Keyboards

If your company requires a custom-designed membrane switch, whether as a standalone product or part of a larger concept, Jemtek has a solution for you.
Non-Tactile Membrane Keypads are similar to a Tactile Membrane Switch but when pressed there is no tactile feedback. Generally, these usually rely on an audio or visual response from the unit.
Instead of the metal switch under the overlay, the Non-Tactile Membrane Keypad uses a two-layer which consists of an upper & lower circuit which are separated by a spacer. Non-Tactile Membrane Keypads are very rugged, highly reliable and can be used in extreme weather environments.

Manufacturer Non-Tactile Membrane Keyboards

Non-Tactile Membrane Keyboards

Non-tactile membrane switches are typically designed into a product due to one of the following reasons:

  • Size Constraints: When there isn’t enough space for domes due the compact design.
  • Light Activation Force: The customer wants to simply be able to run their finger over the key with a very light press in order to make contact i.e. does not want any snap when pressing the key.
  • Non-tactile membrane switches are tougher and completely sheltered from the outside environment. This allows them to be rated for three times as many actuations as a tactile membrane switch.
High-quality processing

Edit your site visually or through a simplified interface. The choice is yours.

Ideal for customer-specific designs

Customization available with different designs and shapes.

Quiet Operation (No Noise)
Longer Lifespan

Lifespan up to 3 million actuations.

Long life and low cost integration

Reduced cost of integration.


Available in affordable and budget friendly price range.

Applied Applications

Medical Industry
Fuel Dispensing Pumps
Industrial Automation
Defence technology
Aerospace Industry
Hospitality Industry
Railway Industry
Military Equipments
Dental Machinery
Test & Measurement
Home Therapy & Patient Monitoring

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